Variabella & Dewatex

Our decade-long experience with textile decorations for walls and ceilings have made us an acknowledged specialist in this field. Our long practice and extensive know-how comprise the ranges of design, research, development and the production as well as the entire technique of its application.

We are continuously endeavouring to contribute our products to everybody´s basic desire - to live and reside decently and prettily.

It´s not just a hollow and hackneyed saying to talk of the walls which surround us as the "Third Skin" of the human being. We simply try to contribute to our customers feeling well and comfortable within these walls.

At the beginning of our business in 1987 we had to do real pioneer´s work (marketing, adaptions of products to all demands, catering to different tastes etc.). The cooperation with manufacturers and the registration of the brand name took place in 1990, followed by the introduction of Variabella onto the Austrian market.

Since 2001 we have been looking for suitable raw materials of the highest quality on the world market. Ever since then we have been manufacturing the main part of our product ourselves. Thus we have become Austrian´s first producer in textile wall coverings.

In the course of our further expansions we are looking for the cooperation with partners throughout Europe.

Since 2004 we have been producing a second brand name - Dewatex.

Both continuous research and further development of our products - that cater to our customers´ needs and desires - will remain our most essential and permanent tasks.

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